Running a POST on Elasticsearch

(Dan Levy) #1

Disclaimer: I am very new to Elasticsearch.

I read through the documentation and I still can't find a way to run this example:

POST /testOne/testTwo/testThree
    "testingOne" : {
        "testingTwo" : {
            "testingThree" : 3438

I am using a Mac (and Terminal). So far, I have found that I can use -XPUT, but I can't seem to get -XPOST. As far as nesting, I am still unsure, based the documentation, if I can do all of this in one command or if it needs to be split into several commands run sequentially. Any help is appreciated!

(Mark Walkom) #2

Can you explain that a bit more, what isn't working?

If you can copy and paste things directly from the terminal it'd probably help. Just make sure you format that with the code button - </>.

(David Pilato) #3

Start Kibana and use the dev console. That should help you to start.

(system) #4

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