Running as guest executable on Azure Service Fabric standalone cluster


If I would like to run "elasticsearch-service-x64.exe" directly as executable, and not as windows service, without using "elasticsearch.bat", what should I do?

I would like to run it on a standalone cluster of Azure Service Fabric as guest executable. ASF need to run exe and monitor it, it it crash it will start it again. this is not working with batch file.

There is an option to run batch before launching the exe, but launching the exe from the batch file not working as ASF doesn't know what to monitor.

Thank you

Hi, Everyone.

We have found the real problem, elasticsearch on Windows as command line doesn't work in path location where you have white space in the folder name like "Program Files". to support this someone need to fix the batch files to have "'" around the path location.

I think it should be fixed in "elasticsearch-env.bat" but maybe also "elasticsearch.bat" will need some modification.

Look like was fix in 2015 but still not working for the JNA location if the Temp folder (%TMP%) has space in the path.

I have added comment under this


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