Running Elasticsearch on AWS

I am planning on setting up a self-managed Elasticsearch cluster on AWS using i3.xlarge instance types. My question is regarding the ephemeral NVMe storage which comes with the instance type. I know information stored on this drive will be lost if the instance stops or terminates. Do I have to rebuild the volume each time? Can I mount the storage in /etc/fstab automatically? It seems that when I put the volume in /etc/fstab and test stopping and restarting an instance, AWS says the instance is running, however, I cannot connect to the node. It seems AWS is choking when trying to mount the ephemeral storage.

Hey @rudolphk,

I think you are better off asking this in the AWS forums as most of your questions seem to be related on how AWS handles this ephemeral storage and not about Elasticsearch.

Is the Elasticsearch process running? If so, and if you can not connect, might be worth to check the Elasticsearch logs and make sure that the ports are open if you connect externally.

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