Running Elasticsearch with expired license


My team is running Elasticsearch 7.16.3 with an enterprise license that is about to expire. We use X-Pack but as far as I know that became open-source since we started using it and we don't actively use any of the paid features.

I have a couple of questions that my team is trying to understand in a worst-case scenario if our license were to expire before we can get the renewal uploaded:

  1. Will any of our functionality stop working after the expiration? Or should things continue to work as they did before the expiration?
  2. Is there a way to remove the license via API or some other mechanism to simulate what might happen in such a scenario when the license expires?


Assuming you are speaking of Self Managed here is an overview of the affects of a an expired license.

You can also revert to a Basic License... under Stack Management > License Management .

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