Running geo_shape queries on geo_points

Hi, the forum already has a few questions related to this (some unfortunately unanswered) but I'm unsure what the best practice is: If I have geo_points in my data on which I want to run geo_shape queries, should I

  • put the point in my document twice, once as shape, once as point,
  • or is there some other way I don't know about? (transforming the type when running the query etc.)


You mean you want to run intersects/contains/etc type queries on your point?

Yes, exactly, though I guess the query I'm most interested in is a geo_shape query with "within" as the relation.

I don't understand the problem here. Intersects and within when querying for points are basically equivalent, and intersects normally runs much faster. Why do you thing you need geo_shape queries in this case?

Maybe I'm not understanding the documentation correctly, sorry for any confusion caused by this.

I have documents with a location field. What I would like to do is to run a query to find out for which documents the location falls within a given shape. If I understand the documentation correctly, my options for this are geo_polygon or geo_shape queries.

Since my shapes are quite big and will be reused, I'd rather have them indexed instead of putting them directly into the query. As far as I can see, geo_polygon queries don't support that. So I have to use geo_shape queries which ask for the field to be filtered on to be mapped to type geo_shape (as per the documentation).

Since I also want the option to run geo_distancequeries, I need my locations as geo_points too.

Happy to learn that the above is not correct and life is simpler than it seems.

Thanks for the explanation. Querying by indexed shapes is only supported for geo_shapes. My recommendation in that cases would be to use intersects as a relationship as it is faster than within.

Not sure if indexing the shapes is the best strategy here, geo_polygon queries are the most efficient ones, so you might want to test if the strategy gives you the performance and accuracy that you need.

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