Running Kibana as Windows Service with Reporting feature

HI all

Follow by the link below, I can run the kibana as windows service over nssm

However, I found that kibana cannot generate report after start as windows service, all other functions are working correctly, in addition, reporting is work fine when I run kibana.bat over cmd, I also reproduced this issue in 2 different clusters.

I've changed nssm to winsw and still cannot work, it seems that the issue not related to windows service manager.

Anyone are facing this issue and have a good workaround?


Update: I changed to use Always Up and it works correctly. But it is commercial software and has only 30 days trial..


Reporting is available only for trial license for you to try it out and then its in gold/platinum subscription license.


Yes, I'm using trial license and can run in foreground correctly. What I want to do is run as a windows service, but I cannot found a good solution right now.

not sure if someone has idea about this issue?

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