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I am new to Logstash and was wondering if there was a way to use the program in a hosted environment? It’s my understanding that the binaries must be downloaded to a machine and executed from it. Is there a way for me to run Logstash in the cloud and avoid using compute resources from my local machine?

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Hi @Rickenson_Robert Welcome to the community.

Today Logstash is not available to be hosted in Elastic Cloud.

I would however, ask you about your use case.

There are ways to do ingest processing without Logstash.

Example with the Elastic Agent or Beats plus Ingest Processors which run inside the Elasticsearch cluster on Elastic Cloud there are many use cases / integrations that are covered.

Much of the same processing logic is available in ingest pipelines as with Logstash.

Let us know if we can help a bit more.


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for the warm welcome. To clarify, does this mean that Logstash cannot be hosted on platforms outside of the ElasticCloud? Is it a strict requirement that the program be run on the computer it was downloaded to?

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No, it does not. I use an AWS t2.micro instance to run logstash.

Hi Badger, thanks a lot for your response. Do you have any guidance/resources for configuring Logstash to run in a hosted service like AWS? My end goal is to remove all execution from my computer while preserving the full functionality of Logstash.

It has been years since I did it but as I recall the yum install was pretty standard. Now I just yum update when prompted.

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@Rickenson_Robert Yes Logstash runs excellent on EC2 Instances or and Host / Cloud / HW it is pretty agnostic.

The Resource profile depends on the Throughput Rate and Processing Complexity, I would start small and scale as needed.

Lots of great documentation and of course help here.

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