Runtime Field Convert the Timestamp to Display Month and Year

I have a requirement to show only the month and Year from the date on a Dashboard
For instance I want to show how number of tickets by month and year - Apr 2023
currently the visualization shows this as below, I want to show the values on X-axis in the format of Month Year

I am trying to see if I can create a runtime field to get both month and year from the date, seems like there is not a function to show like that. Please advise.

All, I was able to solve this with a turnaround. I have created a runtime fields to extract month from the date and wrote a script and then selected terms in the Bars filter when showing visualization.

@mukesh_pallapothu Welcome to the community!

And wow great that you could solve it yourself... Any chance you can share the script... it might be helpful for others! :slight_smile:

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