S3 gateway as a backup strategy again

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I'm really new to Elastic Search, so forgive me if my questions look naive.

I saw a message from Shay where he says there is no need to go with s3 gateway even in EC2 installation. However, unfortunately he did not explain why.

For me, s3 gateway looks like an interesting solution. I don't need to create and maintain backup scripts and backup location. I can just configure s3 gateway, and my backup solution magically works.
s3 is cheap and reliable shared storage, seems ideal backup location. I also don't need to do much for restore, just config s3 gateway on new nodes, and my cluster will magically restore.

  1. Does anybody use s3 gateway as a backup strategy?
  2. Are there any serious problems with it?
  3. Am I right that I don't need to do any scripting for backup/restore with the s3 gateway, just configure it?

Thank you for your advice.

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After some additional thinking, I understood that I still need to backup the content of s3 gateway to protect against human error or s3 gateway content corruption by a bug.
Still it's interesting why s3 gateway is not recommended by Shay. Any problems with it?

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