S3 input silently fails if no trailing slash

Heads up..

If you're using the s3 input and you don't see any action in your logs it may likely be the case that the (current) version requires a trailing slash if you're wanting to parse a directory.

Ommitting a trailing slash will result in a silent failure.

s3 {

    access_key_id => ".."
    secret_access_key => ".."
    bucket => "sometimes-its-hard"
    region => "us-west-2"
    prefix => "logs/" <-----
    type => "s3"
    interval => 10

Can we get this documented (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/plugins-inputs-s3.html#plugins-inputs-s3-prefix) or fixed?

I am a devoted es advocate but these little things cause a lot of pain downstream for those practicing discipline and maturity in the devops wheelhouse.


logstash 5.2.2

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