S3 module errors in log


I've recently taken over a ELK implementation; I'm not an ELK stack expert.

I'm seeing these in the log across all cluster members:
[2016-05-23 20:29:49,970][WARN ][repositories ] [Ultimo] failed to create repository [s3][my_s3_repository]
org.elasticsearch.common.settings.NoClassSettingsException: failed to load class with value [s3]; tried [s3, org.elasticsearch.repositories.S3RepositoryModule, org.elasticsearch.repositories.s3.S3RepositoryModule, org.elasticsearch.repositories.s3.S3RepositoryModule]

It's filling up my logs quick with this same message over and over. I'm not using an S3 plugin on any cluster member, and there is no reference to backing up to s3 or similar in any of the .yml files on any cluster member.

Is there anywhere else that can be referencing this s3 module?


Someone or something created previously a repository called my_s3_repository

If you don't use it you can try to DELETE this repository.

Or have a look at cloud-aws plugin doc.


Thanks, I didn't realize that elasticsearch keeps these kinds of configurations internally, not in a configuration file anywhere.