Safely upgrade from Elasticsearch 1.7.3 to 7.x

Hello, this might be too basic a question for the forums, but I'm in the process of upgrading our infrastructure and we run the really outdated version of Elasticsearch 1.7.3. It badly needs an upgrade to a service supported release (I'd prefer the latest 7.x to take full advantage).

I've been researching the Elasticsearch documentation, and from what I see I have to perform a triple migration - from 1.7.3 to 2.x, then to 5.x, and finally to 7.x (in order to accommodate for breaking changes to the index architecture). Is this the correct way to do it, or am I missing something? And is there a better, less messier way to perform this upgrade and not mess with our existing infrastructure or data?

Thanks in advance!


What is your use case ? Logs? Search? Something else?

Hi, thanks for responding! We use it for search purposes strictly, around 20000 records in our index. Elasticsearch 1.7.3 on CentOS. No other ELK products used in conjunction.

20000 documents is super low.
I'd just reindex all data in a new cluster.

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