Salesforce input logstash - add filter

I have a input configuration like that and i wonder if is possible to filter document like with a query or something like that.

        use_test_sandbox => true
        client_id => ''    
        client_secret => ''   
        username => ''    
        password => ''        
        sfdc_object_name => 'SetupAuditTrail'
        sfdc_fields => ['Id','Action']
        security_token => ''

Thanks in advance

Hi @Samuele_Lolli,

What find of filtering/processing would you like to do? You should be able to specify filters under the processors option to apply to the data from Salesforce.

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Hi @carly.richmond, thank you for you response.
I prefer filter the data i want before because i want a light logstash pipeline. I know i can filter in the filter section. What i want to do is filter where the CreatedDate is equal than yesterday, but i think that's not possible.
Thank you again :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming @Samuele_Lolli. Can you using the sfdc_filters option, specifying a SOQL statement?

I'm not an expert, but from this article I found it might be something like this:

CreatedDate = YESTERDAY.

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Thank you @carly.richmond i think that can be a solution for my problem! I will try it soon and let you know if i have more issue. Thank you again

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