How to apply sdfc filter in salesforce plugin of logstash

Hi Team,

We are extracting the logs from Salesforce object. Here is our input configuration with a object name Error_Log__c.

input {​
salesforce {​
 use_test_sandbox => true
 client_id => 'xxx'
 client_secret => 'xxx'
 username => ''xxx"
 password => ''xxx"
 security_token => ''xxx"
 sfdc_object_name => ''Error_Log__c"
 #sfdc_filters => "LastModifiedDate > :"

*** We are getting the LastModifiedDate in our ES output.

We are facing 2 issues here .

  1. Data is been fetched from the beginning every time, which is causing duplicate entries.
  2. To rectify this, we are trying pass only last modified date in sdfc filters > last 15 mins. however , this sdfc filter mentioned config is throwing the error.

How could we resolve this issue ?


Is there any other way to taking the max. of last modified date from the index and pass that as a filter value.

How do we schedule this input plugin to execute every 15 minutes to get the latest modified records.

any help would be appreciated !! Thank you .

I have the same questions. Have you made any progress. I'm just starting to look at this input plugin and I wanted to use it to get most recent changes since last run. I will tell you that the format of you date might matter. This is the format of the date string I needed to use within my salesforce developer console: 2020-10-15T18:56:44.000+0000 . I was hoping this salesforce input plugin had a feature like the JDBC plugin has. JDBC can persist a timestamp so it knows what to use when it polls the next executions.

No, we have not got any solution yet !!

Is there any alternate way to achieve this.. please do let us know

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