Salesforce Plugin


I'm using salesforce plugin to pull the logs, and it is downloading 6months worth data that is available in Salesforce. Is there a setting that I can use to download logs from specific date?

Thanks in advance.

That's not really a logstash question. SOQL allow date comparisons in the WHERE clause, so if your rows have a timestamp that you can compare to then you can select by date in the sfdc_filters option to the plugin.

Thanks Badger for pointing us in the right direction. I used this filter to grab data from Salesforce and it worked.

sfdc_filters => "CreatedDate >= 2024-02-20T13:58:24.000+0000"

Now if I remove the filter and rerun logstash will it get the older data before the above filter date or will it get the current data?


I do not know. Just try it and see.

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