Salesforce logstash input sensible to changes

Hi everyone,
i implemented a pipeline using logstash that is currently working fine but i have some question.
Im importing the data from salesforce but im not able to understand if the salesforce plugin is sensible to changes.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Samuele_Lolli, can you explain what you mean by sensible to changes?

Hi @carly.richmond thank you for reply.
I mean, if something changes in salesforce what happen in logstash? I need to ingest again all data or logstash automatically detect changes and ingest only the modified object?

Thank you

You will need to ingest again, check the documentation.

This input plugin will stop after all the results of the query are processed and will need to be re-run to fetch new results. It does not utilize the streaming API.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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