Same host hosting nodes from different clusters


I would like to use a host to run Elasticsearch nodes from two clusters: C1 and C2.

My clusters are - C1: node n11; and C2: nodes n12, n21, n31

My hosts are - host1 (n11, n12), host2 (n21), host3 (n31).

Node n11 uses default http and tcp ports. Node n12 uses non-default http and tcp ports. Nodes n21 and n31 use non-default http ports.

If I start n12, n21, and n31, all of them find each other, C2 starts without problem.

But if I start n11 first (C1 starts without problem) and then start n12, n21, and n31, in that case n12 can't join( failed to send join request to master) cluster C2. But n21 and n31 finds each other.

What setting in n12 can make it work?

Thanks in advance!

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