Same Query different results in .NET client

I've been working on a query that can search a Document from my reservation index,
These Reservations has a "SequenceId" on which thesearch query works with.
This is the format of the ID: LLL-0000-000000
Product asked me to make it so that you can search on the full ID and the last 6 digits.
And the query for the Full ID works, but when I use another Wildcard query for the last 6 digit search:

var ShortIdSearchReservations = await Repository.ElasticClient.SearchAsync<Reservation>(s =>s.
Query(q => q
Wildcard(w => w
.Field(f => f.SequenceId)

It returns documents that have those last 6 digits in their SequenceId, but the documents of type aren't complete and are missing an ID (A Guid) that I need later in my code.
But when I use that same query with a full ID (so starting with LLL-... etc) it does work and gets the Guid correctly.
Anyone any idea why this happens?
Is there some sort of 'Include' I need to add when retrieving multiple documents?
Kind regards

Hi @LhamoDev,

Which language client are you using? MY guess is .NET but it would be useful to confirm.

Can you also confirm which version of Elasticsearch and the language client you're using.

Hi @carly.richmond ,
Yes it's C# .NET and the Elastic version is 7.17
Kind regards

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