Sample Dashboards

Hi members,
I was playing around with the sample dashboards that come with the Beats.
So I set up the metricbeat dashboard for Docker which was pretty good, after some additions.
I also load the filebeat dashboards, but they didn't helped me.

In addition to the Metricbeat sample dashboards:
Now I had to change the index for Metricbeat to "metricbeat_container-*" and not the default one. The metrics will be send, but the sample dashboards don't work any more because of expecting the old/default index.

How can I recreate the sample dashboars?

  • I deleted the metricbeat-index

  • I recreated the Kibana-docker-container

  • I set the kibana.dashboards to false and then again on true

But the sample dashbaords are still expecting the default index. So what has to be done that the sample dashboards work with the new index?

In addition to the filebeat sample dashboards:
In this case I just want to delete all changes that come with the sample dashboards. For example in Kibana / Discover the fields that have been create from the setup.kibana.dashboards.

I tried the same things as in metricbeat.yml etc. But nothing helped.

Thanks for some advice.

moving this to beats for a faster response.


Ok so the fields got into discover because of some wrong indices.
So there is one question left:

  • Does the sample dashboards require the default index name? For example filebeat-, or metricbeat-6.2.2- etc.?

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