Where can I download sample Kibana dashboards?

I think there are some sample Kibana dashboards comes with Linux installations of Metricbeat, Filebeat and Logstash.
As I installed my Elastic, Kibana and beats via Helm, there are no any sample dashboards to watch Kubernetes or Linux. I searched but I couldn't have found on internet.
Where/how can I get these sample Kibana dashboards?



I do not kno what Helm does but normally, this is the way to go:
You just have to configure the Kibana settings and enable dashboard loading in Metricbeat and then start it using the setup parameter. This automatically installs the dashboards in Kibana.

otherwise you can find them in the metricbeat install directory:

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Thanks @defalt
...but actually I was looking for more useful dashboards like Kubernetes monitoring, linux computing resources etc.

Sorry @Wolfram_Haussig
I said "helm" instead of ECK. I've used ECK to install Elasticsearch and Kibana and I used K8s deployment yaml files to install metricbeat and filebeat. So there is no around such a path //metricbeat/kibana/7/dashboard around.


The Dashboards also exist in the public Github repo but you would have to search for them, e.g.:


Otherwise simply download a packaged version of MetricBeat here and unpack it to and then look into the path /<path>/metricbeat/kibana/7/dashboard.

Hope this helps.

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@Wolfram_Haussig that's what I was looking for. Actually I searched before wrote entry but....
Thank you!

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