Sample data

I have a lot sample/example/automatic data after install ELK, sometimes it is loaded again. Can I delete it somehow? or I need do it always manually :(?

You haven't specified which version of Kibana you're using, and the layout of the homepage has changed through the most recent versions, but somewhere under Sample Data you will have the option to remove the sample data.

Hi, I have v8.0.0 but I dont see any option "Sample Data" in "Advanced Settings", where it should be? Can you provide URL to this menu? I have redirect for default page to dashboard.

It's the homepage app. You can access it by clicking the Elastic logo in the left corner or via /app/home#/. URL app/home#/tutorial_directory/sampleData should take you directly to sample data overview and you can uninstall it from there.

Thanks but looks like I have there only:

I may have misspoken, but it's all about the data:

Can I delete all this "artefacts"? I use ELK with own data, I don't have "logs" indexes etc.

Ah, I was talking about Kibana's sample data. Please note that what you're referring to is not "sample" data, but data created from your Logstash usage. I am not super familiar with that one. I think asking in Logstash forum will give you probably the best answer.
As for the .alerts indices, these are the indices created by Kibana Alerting, and they are needed for the alerting solution to work properly. You can delete them, but they will be recreated.

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