Sane design thougts?


This is a x-post from Slack, but I think that it is perhaps easier to have a discussion here. :slight_smile:

We are setting up a new logcluster that should handle .. logs.. :slight_smile: from our infrastructure mostly. The usual suspects filebeat, winlogbeat, auditbeat etc.

Our design after some testing in docker landed on this.
But after a brief discussion in Slack I was recommended not to use "Master" role on the Ingest nodes (internal client facing).

Is this design sane, for a 14 days of hot storage and then a few months of Cold storage for "archive"?

Thoughts, pro/cons?

After some discussions in Slack this is the latest bid :slight_smile:

Removed one ingest node
And moved out the Master nodes to dedicated servers.

Regards Falk

Looking at this, a question I would have is for your ingest does that include, Elasticsearch ingest role nodes? If it does, one thing you'll need to considered is I don't believe Elasticsearch allows for layer 3 clustering, so the subnet for all servers, must be the same (I bring this up as I'm assuming mgmt-pub and mgmt-sec are different subnets). Elasticsearch Ingest nodes are becoming increasingly important with filebeat modules.


Yes, atleast that is what we had in mind.

Oh, I haven't seen that before. I thought that the cluster "talked" unicast with the other cluster nodes?
Do you have a link to the docs with this info, so I can read up about it?

Regards Falk

After looking a bit deeper, it appears that you're correct, in that if you're using unicast discovery, then you can span multiple subnets.

What I was thinking of was multi-region which is not recommended, but also not your use case. So it doesn't apply.

One last thing then, I think you'll need port 9300/tcp open between mgmt-pub and mgmt-sec so that the Elasticsearch ingest role nodes can properly talk to the rest of the ES nodes.

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