Save Metrics as JSON on NFS share, import on other server w/o logstash

(Patrick) #1

Hi, unfortunately i don't have a direct access (no fw access possible) to my target server i want collect metrcis from with metricbeat. The idea is now to export the metrics to a json file instead of pushing it directly to es. Is it possible to save the json output on a nfs share (both machines have access to) and push the json regulary to es without logstash (via filebeat or via curl direct to es)?

(Steffen Siering) #2

Using the file output and filebeat on another machine for pushing the data to ES/LS is possible. But we don't really recommend the use of network shares, as these contribute to a number of problems/failures when processing data via files (e.g. network down/slow, buffers being send out-of-order -> half-empty files...)

(system) #3

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