Saved search no longer working after pattern change

I have a lot of saved searches. With my lack of knowledge I removed the main index pattern and recreated the pattern to the same index. Now my saved searches are reporting that they cannot find the id of the old index pattern.

What did I try?

I exported the index and changed the "id" to the id of the old pattern hoping this would work. But it didn't.

Also I exported the saved search and deleted it from kibana. Then re-imported it. Again this didn't work.

Is there something else I can do? If I only had a few saved searches I would not be bothered but I have a lot and it would take a long time to make them all again.

Saved searches reference their parent index pattern by a UUID, that's why re-creating them with the same matching pattern didn't work.

You should be able to get to a working state again like this:

  • Delete the new main index pattern again
  • Look up the id of the index pattern the saved searches are referencing in the saved object management using "Inspect" (you probably already have it)
  • Recreate the main index pattern again, but when it gets to Step 2, expand "Advanced options". Here you can specify the ID. Use the old id the saved objects are already referencing:

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