Scan and Scroll in Cluster

Hi All,
Suppose if we have the cluster of three nodes, Can we use scroll_id which we get from node_1 and use the same on node_2 to get the remaining result?

No it's not possible from a single scroll which needs to run on the same nodes/replicas for all requests. Though you can use the slice scroll to parallelize the execution of your request:

Hi @jimczi
Thank you for your response. I think I was not clear in the question. What I meant was, I will do a scan and scroll on node_1. I will take the scroll_id which was returned in node_1 and use that in node_2?

Ok sorry I misread your initial question. Yes this is possible, as long as node_2 belongs to the same cluster, you can send the next scroll query to any node, the scroll_id contains all the required informations to redirect the request internally.

Awesome Thank you @jimczi

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