Schedule ElasticSearch 6.1.2 snapshots

We have an older ElasticSearch cluster that is currently running version 6.1.2. I noticed it didn't have any snapshots of the data. SLM isn't supported with that version so I was wondering how snapshots could be scheduled with this version and if there was a way to only maintain a limited number of snapshots like the SLM technology.

Maybe you can use curator, but really 6.1.2 is incredibly old, it was released over 3 years ago so that's 3 years of improvements and new features on which you're missing out. It's long past EOL, you should upgrade as a matter of urgency.

Thanks for information. When I looked that up it said the maximum version that supports it is 5.8. Is that true? If so do you know of another way to do this?

We also have a cluster running version 7.8 and have almost everything migrated to it. There's just a couple of stragglers that will be running on our 6.2 cluster for a couple more months.

Version 5.8 of Elasticsearch doesn't exist, I think that's the Curator version number.

IMO your energy would be better spent on migrating off the old cluster sooner, rather than setting up some fancy snapshot retention policy for just a couple of months. It'd probably save time to delete the old snapshots manually every day or so.

Good ideas. Thanks for your help. I greatly appreciate it.

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