Scientific Notation Auto Rounding

I am using ruby and BigDecmial to convert a scientific notation number to decimal, but it's automatically getting rouded to the nearest thousandth. How can I prevent this? I want the full number or at least n^-6 not n^-3.

I have already tried .round(3) and .round(6) at the end of the bigdecimal number, that doens't seem to make any different at all.

Here's my code:

> if [source] =~ "table" {
>     separator => "," }
>         ruby {
>            code => "event.set('[CPU_TIME_SECONDS]',BigDecimal(event.get('[CPU_TIME]')))"
>         }
> }

Here's a screen shot of what is happening:

I think this is presentation issue in Kibana. If you expand one of those events and switch to the JSON tab what is the value of CPU_TIME_SECONDS?

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Oh wow, yea the numbers are all there. How do I change that in Kibana?

I do not run Kibana, but the documentation is here.

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Thanks! Documentation had what I needed. But if anyone else sees this: search the doc above for duration and then in kibana go to management > index patterns > edit <your field>

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