Screenshots in Kibana

Hello! Previously, I took screenshots using pageres in Kibana v6. * (I also tried other utilities). After updating to v7.2-7.5, the screenshot returns a white screen. It is as if something is limiting and does not allow you to take a screenshot of the dashboard, the main page or any other in Kibana. Do you have any ideas?

P.S. The screen is 100% true, because when I boot Kibana, I see an inscription in the screenshot - "Kibana has not booted yet." After loading - a white screen.


There is nothing specific to restrict taking snapshots of KIbana.

Would you mind sharing your pageres configuration?
Maybe something about the way the page is structured in 7.2 doesn't match your previous settings?

I've tried
chromium-browser --headless --disable-gpu --no-sandbox --screenshot
pageres "" 2560x1080 --filename=new -d 10 --overwrite
The result is the same. Screenshots work on the old version. On other sites too.
Dashboards also return a white page (when Dark mode is on, returns a black image)

Hey Nickita,

I tested this out locally, and I was able to generate a screenshot by running pageres "http://localhost:5620/app/kibana" -d 30.

Can you access kibana on that ip \ port yourself?
If so, maybe consider trying to increase the delay?


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