Script condition for not matching records


I am selecting records based on range query.

	"script":{"source":"ctx._source.selected = true"}

how can i unselect rest of the records(means records which doesn't belong to above range)? because there might be previously selected records which may not be in new range.


Use Boolean query to negate the range query.

Thanks for the response, yes I could do that, but how i can do that in the same request?
it is possible to have 2 query and 2 respective actions in the same request?

Maybe no. is there any problem if you use two requests for the queries? Why you want it in a single request?

No problem with making 2 request, thought single request could be faster.
anyway I am using your "Boolean query to negate the range query" suggestion to make parallel requests, one to unselect and another to select. thanks for answer.

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