Scripted Field creation based on subtraction of time

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Hi All,
Please suggest how to create the scripted field to have the difference of the time based on specific condition?

Problem statement- The message with unique message ID traverses to 4 states during batch execution
There are four states indexed at different time stamp say State 1>>State 2>>State 3>>State 4 , so how to find elapsed time by doing @time_State 4 -@time_State 1 applying condition on unique message ID for message journey.


(Matt Bargar) #2

What would you like the end result to look like? Milliseconds? A human readable string?

If you just want a number or millis or seconds, Lucene expressions would be a simple solution

If you'd like to produce a human readable string, Painless should provide the flexibility you need. There's a great blog post with some date math examples that should help get you started

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