Scripted field from sql api not working

Hi All,

I recently started using sql from elasticsearch. i am trying to use below API

POST _sql?format=csv
"query": "SELECT SERVICE_NAME,Success,count() From"my_inde" WHERE "@timestamp" >= NOW() - INTERVAL 3 HOURS group by SERVICE_NAME,Success"

where Success is my scripted field. However I am getting below error.

"error" : {
"root_cause" : [
"type" : "verification_exception",
"reason" : "Found 1 problem\nline 1:21: Unknown column [Success]"
"type" : "verification_exception",
"reason" : "Found 1 problem\nline 1:21: Unknown column [Success]"
"status" : 400

Can someone please help

What are the documents?

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If Success was created with Kibana's scripted fields functionality, you won't be able to use it in SQL since those are accessible to Kibana only.
However, you might potentially be able to compute that field as an SQL expression and potentially also group by that expression (or it's aliased name). Something along the lines of:

SELECT SERVICE_NAME, some_field > 0 AS Success, count() FROM "my_index" WHERE "@timestamp" >= NOW() - INTERVAL 3 HOURS GROUP BY SERVICE_NAME, Success

@bogdan.pintea : Thanks a lot it is almost working , I am getting below response. Can we print success/failure instead of true false. I am getting below output.

Query :

SELECT SERVICE_NAME,ERRORSTATUS.keyword ='0' AS Success,count() FROM "my_visualization" WHERE "@timestamp" >= NOW() - INTERVAL 1 HOURS and SERVICE_NAME IN ('My_service') group by SERVICE_NAME,Success


Have a look at the CASE doc. Something like: ... CASE WHEN ERRORSTATUS.keyword ='0' THEN 'success' ELSE 'failure' END ...

Thanks @bogdan.pintea : Is there a way to find the difference of count of these two records

You'll probably want something like SELECT count(ERRORSTATUS.keyword) FROM .. GROUP BY ERRORSTATUS.keyword. It's standard SQL, any good tutorial should touch on it.

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