Scripted fields in canvas

I have created a scripted field to calculate the total based on items in an array in the document

int total= 0; 
for(int i = 0; i < params._source['ServiceItemList'].size(); i++) { 
    total+= params._source['ServiceItemList'][i].Fee; 
return total/100;

The document is something like this

    "Patient":"John Doe",
    "BillingType": "Private",
    "ServiceItemList": [
        "ItemNo": "5555",
        "Fee": 10910,
        "ShortDescription": "Ultrasound MSK"
        "ItemNo": "1111",
        "Fee": 8555, 
        "ShortDescription": "Consultation"

The scripted field works fine in the dashboards but doesn't work when I try on Canvas, It says unknown column.

Are scripted fields supported in canvas? if not is there another way I can draw a table with two columns Patient name and Total in canvas

Hi there, unfortunately Canvas doesn't currently support scripted fields. Please feel free to open a feature request.

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