Scripted update in ES5 integration tests

(James Truty) #1

I cannot get inline scripted updates to work in the ES5 integration tests (extending from ESIntegTestCase). In the ESIntegTestCase nodeSettings function, scripted updates are enabled:

.put("script.stored", "true")
.put("script.inline", "true")

However, I just receive these errors trying different script langs:

script_lang not supported [painless]

script_lang not supported [groovy]

I am running the tests with '', so I wonder if that affects or disables the script module. Any ideas?

(Nik Everett) #2

ESIntegTestCase doesn't load all of the Elasticsearch module by default. It will only load the modules you tell it to. We (try to) use ESIntegTestCase only to test a single module at a time, using REST based testing if we have to test multiple modules at one time. In other words, I suggest not testing scripts with ESIntegTestCase unless you are writing your own script engine. I'd look at

(system) #3

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