Scroll Bar for Bart Chart

I was wondering if there was a way to enable a scroll bar for bar charts? I have a lot of of categories on my x Axis that I want to represent, but they become unreadable with the amount of categories.

The scroll bar should be enabled by itself when it gets too large. Or you could add that visualization on a dashboard and enlarge it on the x-axis as much as possible in order to fit all of them in.

For some reason, when there is too many values, my visualization looks like this:

How can I have it so that the values on the side are larger and I simply scroll down to see all the other values instead of having the attempt to bunch up on one page?

Save the visualization as it is, import it in a dashboard and then resize the visualization container to make it larger on the Y-axis

I understand that part, I was just wondering if there was a way to have the visualization stay the same size but be able to scroll up and down the y axis so the container does not take up too much room given I will have over 100 values on the y axis.

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