Scroll Id is too long - Java Api

(Marian Valero) #1

I am using a search with scroll with the Java API, when I come to call the scroll for the following data through javascript, this returns me the following error: Failed to load resource: net :: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE, I have been reviewing my code and it is because the scroll id is too long, what I can do in this case?

(Jason Wee) #2

scroll id is too long... sounds to me that the number of shards are huge too? how many shards that you have?

(Marian Valero) #3

I have 2,042 shards and 78 index, around 166.9GB is the size of my data

(Jason Wee) #4

jepp, longer shards will produce long scroll id...iirc, the scroll id actually contain some information where the scroll position in the shards. either you reduce the shard count or you find a way to store the scroll id somewhere, perhaps in your application server.


(system) #5