Search_after doesn't work as expected


I'm trying to use polling on an index in order to retrieve the latest state (my document contain state) per managed entity.
I can't use the timestamp since the same timestamp can be used for multiple documents. In addition, since documents are indexed in parallel, it may be that a later document is indexed before earlier document.

I tried to use the search_after feature but it is not working as expected - for example, having the following doc:
doc1, t1, _id1
doc2, t1, _id2

doc3, t2, _id3
doc4, t2, _id3

when using the search_after with t1, _id2 - i don't get doc3 and doc4.

Any idea?


Can you post the requests and responses that you sent/received and the version of es that you used ?
Are you able to reproduce with a simple recreation ?
What is _id ? The unique identifier of the documents ?

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