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I am unable to get any results

GET /earnings_transcripts/_search
"query": {
"bool": {
"must": [
"match_phrase": {
"presentationContent.componentText": "inflation"

my index data looks
"_index" : "abc_123",
"_type" : "_doc",
"_id" : "5be09a19529ab7238cab582c",
"_score" : 1.0,
"_source" : {
"id" : "1262905",
"announcedDate" : "2017-07-05T20:26:00",
"calendarQuarter" : 2,
"calendarYear" : 2017,
"copyType" : "Edited Copy",
"enteredDate" : "2017-07-05T16:53:00",
"eventFiscalQuarter" : 2,
"eventFiscalYear" : 2017,
"eventSubTitle" : "xxxxxx, Q2 2017 Earnings Call, Aug 02, 2017",
"eventTime" : "2017-08-02T12:30:00",
"eventTitle" : "xxxxxx, Q2 2017 Earnings Call, Aug 02, 2017",
"eventType" : "Earnings Calls",
"keyDevId" : 529507632,
"presentationContent" : [
"componentOrder" : 0,
"componentType" : "Presentation Operator Message",
"transcriptPersonId" : 1,
"componentText" : """Welcome to xxxxxx's First (sic) [ Second ] Quarter 2017 Conference Call and Webcast. Hosting the call today from xxxx, President and Chief Executive Officer. He is joined by xxxx, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. [Operator Instructions] Please note that this conference is being recorded.
It is now my pleasure to turn the floor over to , Director, Investor Relations. xxx, you may begin.""",
"speakerName" : "Operator",
"speakerType" : "Operator",
"speakerTitle" : null,
"speakerAssociatedCompanyName" : null
"componentOrder" : 1,
"componentType" : "Presenter Speech",
"transcriptPersonId" : 301794,
"componentText" : """Thank you, xxx. Good morning, everyone, and welcome to xxxxxx Second Quarter 2017 Earnings Call. I'm xxxxx, Director of Investor Relations for xxxxxx.
This morning, we issued a press release announcing results for the quarter ending June 30, 2017. If you would like a copy of the press release, you may find one on our website at Before we proceed with prepared remarks, please note the safe harbor disclosure statement in today's press release.
In summary, it says statements made regarding management expectations, judgments or predictions are forward-looking statements. These statements are intended to be covered under the safe harbor provisions of federal security law. There are many factors that could cause results to differ from expectations, including those noted in our SEC filings. Today's statements are not guarantees of future outcomes. The call may also include discussion of non-GAAP measures, and please see the press release for reconciliations to GAAP financial measures. Also, please note that information presented on today's call speaks only as of today, August 2, 2017. Any time-sensitive information provided may no longer be accurate at the time of any webcast replay or rereading of the transcript.
And with that, I'll turn the call over to George Damiris.""",
"speakerName" : "xxxxxx",
"speakerType" : "Executives",

Maybe because this text does not appear in your field?

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