"Search analyzer without index analyzer" migration tool error

We're getting ready to perform an upgrade of an ES cluster from 1.7.5 to 2.4.6 (the index started off life on the 0.9.x series) and from running the migration checker I'm seeing a an error around "Search analyzer without index analyzer" in which a few fields on some older indices seem to have a search_analyzer but no index_anayzer (mapping snippet below):
"displayName": {
"type": "string",
"search_analyzer": "lowerKeyword"

Every attempt I've made at setting the index_analyzer and/or the analyzer are either generating mapping conflicts or being ignored silently. For example if I set the analyzer to 'default' it does not generate an error but nothing seems to actually change per a GET on the mapping.

Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated,

We were able to figure it out, turns our its a false positive in the migration checker. At some point in the past there was a bug in ES 2.x:

The migration checker is looking for mappings which would trip up this bug, but the bug has since been fixed meaning the error the migration tool reports is not really an error. We ran as test upgrade and the upgraded server came online fine without resolving the mapping issue.


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