Type level analyzer not migrated [upgrade ES-1.7 => ES-2.3]

our 1.7 index has analyzers (both index_analyzer and search_analyzer) defined at the type level,
and the type has a string property with no explicit analyzer setting.
As expected, in ES-1.7, during indexing the type-level index_analyzer is used an during search, the type level search_analyzer is used.

However, after upgrading the index to ES-2.3.3, the type-level analyzers are lost and no replacement analyzers are added to the string property (as confirmed by the GET mapping output)
To fix this, we tried setting the analyzer directly on the property, to no avail:

  • when trying to update the mapping (with exact same analyzers as defined at the type level) we get the following error:
    "Mapper for [data] conflicts with existing mapping in other types: [mapper [data] has different [analyzer]]"
  • this mapping error occurs both before upgrading the index (in ES-1.7) as well as after upgrading (in ES-2.3.3)

Does anybody happen to know a workaround for this situation?

What do the mappings look like?