Search and partial search using or not special characters


I have something like this:

"documents" : {
            "type1" : "341.943-61",
            "type2" : "5.6-0"

But the user is not require to input it with special characters, so, it can be something like this:

"documents" : {
            "type1" : "34194361",
            "type2" : "560"

So now, I need to be able to retrieve both results, if the user input something like:

documents.type1 = 34194361

Or partial, like:

documents.type1 = 4194

I tried:

GET myBase/_search
  "query": {
    "term": {
      "documents.type1.raw":  "34194361"

But it didn't work, it returns nothing. The exact search I'm able to retrieve using "keyword" in kibana.

I get the same results using Nest (.Net)
(field would be the documents.type1 and value would be 34194361)

var searchResponse = await _elasticContext.Client.SearchAsync<Customer>(s => s
                                                                  .Query(qu => qu
                                                                        .MultiMatch(mm => mm
                                                                            .Fields(f => f

Thank you for the help.

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