Search Application and App Search Query

Hi Elastic team,

I need confirmation if what I'm doing is the correct ways of implementing the Search.

The use case is that I have an application site where I would like to embed Elastic Search in it.

I'm using MSSQL Connectors to ingest the data into Elasticsearch Indices and I've been creating App Search engine by pulling the Indices that has been created using the MSSQL Connectors.

I'm creating the App Search engine as it gives me insight on the analytics part and able to do other things within it such as relevance tune the result.

I able to embed the Search to our application site where from the App Search engine, Analytics part has been captured.

However, I do notice I couldn't make use of the Relevance Tuning part.

If I set certain field to be hidden, it still shows in the front end the highlighting results.

My assumption is the search query DSL might be using the Elasticsearch and not really connected to the App Search, but the confusing part is how does the Analytics part able to capture but not the Relevance Tuning?

I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly but I want to ask, if we already have an application and we want to embed the search, can we use the relevance tuning in App Search?

I do notice our Analytics is connected to the App Search whenever the user did query it does capture but the Relevance Tuning part, it seems like it still not working.

Or am I doing everything wrongly?

Should I just use the Search Applications part and I should not use App Search?

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 9.21.53 AM

But my user wants to view the Analytics part.

Hence the reason why I create the App Search engine.

Need guidance on this.

Thank you!

Hi @aisyaharifin - thanks for your question.

Right now App Search is the easiest way to get analytics - we do have a behavioral analytics product in beta that you can instrument but not all of the features are the same.

What would be helpful is whether you could send in a small example of what you're sending in, configuration and what you're getting back. That could help us answer why relevance tuning isn't working as expected. Thanks!

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