Search bug when trying to find termination state in haproxy logs

Hello guys!
I have a lot of haproxy logs in this format, where "----" is termination state. [30/Jun/2019:19:22:51.510] internal_http payments/pre-payments2 0/0/0/26/26 200 830 - - ---- 134/115/12/8/0 0/0 "POST /payment/ws HTTP/1.1"

I am really can't find logs by this termination_state field. When i try to find termination_state:"cR--", kibana searching only cR string like "-cR-" "--cR", not only "cR--".

How i can escape this? "Set filter" in Logs section can't find events with "----". Maybe it's a bug?

Hi @kingil,

Which application in Kibana are you using for this search? Discover, Logs, or something else?

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