Search cretiria with TermSet

Hi All,
I have requirement to search Elastic with following details . This is part of security implementation you can assume for my website.
I have different Grouptypes with each group type having set of Groups . these groups are assosiated with Job as well as users.

so to implement security to job , we need to follow the below approach.
if the job having multiple groups[of different group types] , user should have atleast 1 group match with the matched grouptype and we should nt worry/validate if the jobgrouptype is not part of usergroup type.

example is explained below


Earlier I used to match only groups directly that I achieved through Terms Set Query based on suggestion given in Array intersection . This is next level of requirement , I need inputs on how to maintain job data in Elastic and user group info will be part of Search query based on logged-in user.

C# way of implementation is provided below for better understanding, we need similar logic to work with Elasticsearch query.


it would be easier to explain the concept you want to use instead of pasting screenshots with code of a programming language that not everyone understands :slight_smile: also please use code snippets instead of screenshots.

Maybe Document-Level Attribute-Based Access Control in Elasticsearch | Elastic Blog can give you a slight idea how to move forward. If not, feel free to add some more detail.


Hey Alex,
Thanks for the response, I explained the concept and additionally shared some code (if explanation is not enough to get the concept). I will look into the links shared by you and comeback if that helps to serve my purpose.

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