Specified result set for specified users

Hello All,

We have urls in ES and it is indexed as an another field.

If any user search a particular query, we send all result set to that user.
But we need to send only urls which is belong to those kind of users.

We don't want to use python nlp as an additional application.

Can we find in ES what kind of user is? and send result set which is belongs to those kind of user?


I'm sorry, I don't understand exactly what you are asking for.

Can you provide a more detailed example?

Hello Tim,

Sorry for the confusion.
We have 3 types of users in our website and we would like to display the search results based on the type of user who is accessing the website. We were wondering whether there is any option from ElasticSearch end to recognize the type of user and display the relevant search results for that type of user.

We can add pre trained model to ES, if possible.

Example: There are 3 types of users - A, B and C and assume that the query : Where can I check my account balance? ....is relevant for user type B. Is there any way for elastic search to recognize that this query is coming from user type B and hence results displayed should be relevant to user type B.


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