Search error on upgrade to 5.1.2

Upgrading from
Kibana from 4.5.4
Upgrade to 5.1.2

I exported the search via Kibana 4.5 and imported the json file through 5.1.2 and now the search does not work. Looking for suggestions on what to fix. I don't see anything in the breaking changes for 5.0 that would explain why this breaks

In red at the top of the screen:

Discover: [parsing_exception] no [query] registered for [query], with { line=1 & col=110 }

here is the more info on the error

Error: [parsing_exception] no [query] registered for [query], with { line=1 & col=110 }
at respond (
at checkRespForFailure (
at processQueue (
at Scope.$eval (
at Scope.$digest (
at Scope.$apply (
at done (
at completeRequest (

here is what the object looks like , when exported out of kibana (No errors on import)

"_id": "o5a-qa-account-services",
"_type": "search",
"_source": {
"title": "o5a-qa-account-services",
"description": "",
"hits": 0,
"columns": [
"sort": [
"version": 1,
"kibanaSavedObjectMeta": {
"searchSourceJSON": "{"index":"o5a_qa-","query":{"query_string":{"analyze_wildcard":true,"query":""}},"filter":[{"$state":{"store":"appState"},"bool":{"should":[{"query":{"match":{"service":{"query":"blue-martini-service","type":"phrase"}}}},{"query":{"match":{"service":{"query":"user-account-service","type":"phrase"}}}},{"query":{"match":{"service":{"query":"user-authentication-service","type":"phrase"}}}},{"query":{"match":{"service":{"query":"account-service","type":"phrase"}}}},{"query":{"match":{"service":{"query":"order-service","type":"phrase"}}}},{"query":{"match":{"service":{"query":"address-service","type":"phrase"}}}},{"query":{"match":{"service":{"query":"payment-method-service","type":"phrase"}}}}]},"meta":{"alias":null,"disabled":false,"index":"o5a_qa-","key":"bool","negate":false,"value":"{\"should\":[{\"query\":{\"match\":{\"service\":{\"query\":\"blue-martini-service\",\"type\":\"phrase\"}}}},{\"query\":{\"match\":{\"service\":{\"query\":\"user-account-service\",\"type\":\"phrase\"}}}},{\"query\":{\"match\":{\"service\":{\"query\":\"user-authentication-service\",\"type\":\"phrase\"}}}},{\"query\":{\"match\":{\"service\":{\"query\":\"account-service\",\"type\":\"phrase\"}}}},{\"query\":{\"match\":{\"service\":{\"query\":\"order-service\",\"type\":\"phrase\"}}}},{\"query\":{\"match\":{\"service\":{\"query\":\"address-service\",\"type\":\"phrase\"}}}},{\"query\":{\"match\":{\"service\":{\"query\":\"payment-method-service\",\"type\":\"phrase\"}}}}]}"}},{"$state":{"store":"appState"},"meta":{"alias":null,"disabled":false,"index":"o5a_qa-","key":"tags","negate":true,"value":"time_log"},"query":{"match":{"tags":{"query":"time_log","type":"phrase"}}}}],"highlight":{"pre_tags":["@kibana-highlighted-field@"],"post_tags":["@/kibana-highlighted-field@"],"fields":{"*":{}},"require_field_match":false,"fragment_size":2147483647}}"

My guess is that this might have something to do with the changes to the queries in 5.x
Easiest way to see what's changed (because that's a very big list there) is to recreate the query in 5.x and compare the two exported objects.

yah it seems the issue is with the "Filter" but don't understand what is wrong with it , I'll try to recreate it but we have a lot of pages with filters, I would hate to have to fix ever single one.

There should not have been breaking changes between a 5.1 and 5.2 release. Deprecated sure but not removed. it has me really annoyed.

That's the list of breaking changes between 4.x and 5.y not between 5.1 and 5.2. That's the situation that I got from your initial post.

The issue is specifically with the custom bool filter you have. Each sub-query of the bool starts with a query object, which is no longer valid. You'll need to remove the query wrapper around each sub query so it looks like the syntax here

We do this transformation automatically on filters created via the UI but we can't do it for custom filters.

yah sort of been coming to that solution, been helping another internal app with a broken query fix a similar issue related to his queries.

I will see about testing this out tomorrow and will let you know.


Oh yah it was between 4.5 -> 5.2 I had another issue with Sort going from 5.1 to 5.2 got the issues confused. Have to get back to the solution for why my sort statement is broken. but I need to read about that before I raise the question to the community

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