Search filters in Kibana dashboard

Wondering whether there is any functionality to add entire "saved search" filters to a dashboard. So just as we can add a filter to the dashboard by clicking on a row in a datatable visualization. For instance if we only want to see a set of visualizations for a particular IP Address we may select the IP Address from a datatable visualization. This is what I am describing RE the IP filter:

Imagine that the filter in not just a key value but an entire search query.
If functionality doesn't exist has this come up before in feature requests ? I was thinking another way of achieving something similar for the user, is to put the search query in a markdown and direct them to the search box at the top.

There is no way to use a saved search as a filter on the dashboard, but as the saved search is simply what you enter in the query bar, you could use the query bar on the dashboard to get the same data.

What search criteria are you trying to apply? We introduced Custom Filters in 4.3.0, maybe you'd be able to achieve the filter criteria you need that way?