Search in elasticsearch 8


In v.7.X the search performed as follow:

searchResponse =, RequestOptions.DEFAULT);

How do I perform search in v.8 without defining the target class for the matching documents. (I want to keep it as json without searlization, without specifying Product class)

searchResponse =, Product.class);

I think you can use Void.class.
And do something like this to get the JSON Response:

I tried:

searchResponse =, Void.class);

Failed with:

The method search(SearchRequest, Class<TDocument>) in the type ElasticsearchClient is not applicable for the arguments (SearchRequest, Class<Void>)	

@swallez Do you know?

Can you help with it?

I'm not sure why Void.class does not work here, but for your purpose I would try to have the response read as raw json, using for instance ObjectNode.class as in

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