Search matching issue

I have ELK setup and indexing logs from our servers. We see a strange
behavior while we try to search from Kibana. For example

field: *.value.v1

results in no results when field value is like: xyz.value.v1 But when we do
query as

field: *value.v1

we get the results. So the "." after * creates the issues. But if the field
value is xyz-zz.value.v1 then query

field: *.value.v1

give the result. So We think it seems to be related to tokenizer and
analyzer. We are using default settings from Elasticsearch and the field is
mapped as string. So any help or suggestion in changing the analyzer
settings in mapping or any idea in solving this issue will be helpful.

We are using Elasticsearch 1.3.6 and Kibana 3.1


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