Searching tokenized field containing "." returns unexpected results

I have a newly tokenized field of type text for domains. It is a reverse path hierarchy tokenizer on the "."
So a field like "" becomes the following 3 tokens:

I assumed I could then search the field, from say kibana, with the syntax:
But it finds all fields with a "com" token, so I'll get and, etc.
I tried encasing in quotes and escaping the ".", but neither helped.

A single wildcard, or regex both work as expected:

Can someone point me to an explanation of why the original syntax returns unexpected results?

Edit: elastic stack 6.3.2

It happens because you apply the same tokenization on the search side as well. So basically when you search for it is translated into +Synonym(domain:com To avoid this you need to use a different analyzer for searching that uses keyword tokenizer instead of reverse path hierarchy tokenizer.

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Wow, I didn't know that search_analyzer was even a thing. Thank you for that pointer!

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