Search.max_buckets setting in ES 6.7 - The expected behavior

We are on ES 6.7. We previously did not set search.max_buckets. After having some recent cluster outage, we are leaning towards introducing some limits. One of them is search.max_buckets.
I was reading the below documents:
The maximum number of buckets allowed in a single response is limited by a dynamic cluster setting named search.max_buckets. We are planning to set it to 1000. However, we are afraid that this may break some customer who have >1000 buckets. We are doing an impact study. Are they going to get only 1000 buckets or they are going to get an exception? In 7.x , we know that they are getting an exception. What about 6.7?

What about 6.7?

Any request that tries to create more than search.max_buckets will throw an exception so same behavior as in 7.x.

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